Project Overview & Consultation

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working on many architecturally designed projects, but this time we got to see how an architect would renovate their own home and it was a pleasure to be a part of it!

The existing dwelling was upgraded with the addition of a luxurious master suite as well as a new bathroom and study.


Concept & Design

While the project itself was small, the overall impact was anything but.


The architect, aka the owner, cleverly designed an extension that would create a beautiful master suite in a previously unused corner at the rear of the existing home. The extension housed a large master bedroom and ensuite, perfectly complemented by skylights and floor to ceiling windows.


The extension, with its clean lines and bold cladding, added a stunning aspect to a backyard previously bordered by a brick wall. 


The existing home was also treated to a brand new bathroom and study area. Every detail was perfectly considered and beautifully executed.


Project Management

Sometimes when extending an existing home, your greatest challenge is the house itself and this was no exception. With the existing home being built to the boundary, access to the extension area was limited and connection of the new extension to the existing services presented some challenges.


Our team got to work on creating an access point and manually excavating while our very talented plumber designed the perfect stormwater solution.


The owners were a pleasure to work with